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“A legal coach is to your business what a health coach is to your wellness”
-Jay Razzouk

Coaches, Online Entrepreneurs, Licensed Practitioners, Service-Based Business Owners

• Protect What You’ve Built

• Elevate Your Client & Workers Experience

• Gain Peace of Mind

• Save on Legal Costs and Excessive Taxation

• Actively & Proactively Prevent costly and time-consuming legal proceedings

• Prevent Chargebacks & be equipped to respond if they occur

• Turn Frustrated Clients & Workers into Raving Fans

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The volume of federal, state, county and city laws and industry regulations governing businesses today far exceeds what even a small team of lawyers could grasp inside and out, let alone an entrepreneur. And yet, ignorance is not an acceptable excuse under the law.

The SecureSCALE method provides a framework and practical strategies to change our thinking and behaviors to lawfully and lovingly run a sustainable business.

By equipping you, the business owner, with the clarity, mindset, templates, knowledge and know-how to employ top legal strategies and implement the most important protections for small and scaling businesses, you can take your business relationships to the next level, mitigate costly legal proceedings, gain peace of mind, and save on legal costs and excessive taxation.

Meet Jay Razzouk, Esq

An actual attorney (but not your attorney)

For 10 yrs I helped remedy mismanagement at Fortune 100s including Big Pharma and other health companies. I left the corporate sector in 2017 to pursue my passion of helping business owners grow lasting enterprises.

I took a brief hiatus from the law when my wife, Wendy, and I filmed over 150 interviews for a documentary on mental health.

The interviews opened my eyes to how important coaching is to change lives and the world we live in. This further cemented my conviction that love is central to health, happiness, and success, which radically changed how I practice law.

Since starting my own practice, I have been representing coaches & influencers who were inadvertently stepping on legal landmines or facing devastating losses in their business - often due to one bad actor who saw an opportunity to exploit a well-meaning, generous, and under-protected entrepreneur.

After linking arms with hundreds of coaches & consultants, I realized that most were vulnerable to the same kind of devastating issues and that better legal guidance and solutions were needed to help coaches build their business on a solid foundation so they can serve fully, share their message broadly, and help their clients get the transformation they offer.

ProSCALE Legal™ Templates & Coaching was created to fill this need.

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What others are saying

Julie Cabezas

CEO, Copy Crimes

"Jay is a pillar among top entrepreneurs!"

"I've watched Jay's notoriety and reputation soar over the past few years as he's emerged to become the top legal counsel in the circles of entrepreneurs I work with. In my experience, Jay always leads with mission and with what's best for his entrepreneurs. This training and templates have immeasurable value.

I personally paid over $3500 for my attorney to customize a generic template I had cobbled together, and this one is far more complete for far less. What's most valuable is that this template is customized for the online entrepreneur and specifically those expert service providers who offer their expertise in groups. Snatch up this gem of a tool if you can still get your hands on it!"

Katelyn Patton

The High Performance Office

"this one stands out by far"

"I am SO glad that I invested in the Contract Template from Jay!

Having a contract that isn’t completely one-sided is important to my brand and business culture because my relationships with my clients aren’t one-sided.

It's really important to me that I protect myself and my business legally, but it's also important that my clients understand what they're signing and see protections for themselves in it as well.

The fact that this template is more than just a “quick and dirty” template is amazing. I’ve looked at a number of legal templates and this one stands out by far because of its level of detail.

The commentary alongside the different clauses made it very clear which ones were applicable for my business and which ones weren’t.

I love that I understand every word in my contract and that I know it's fair and helps build solid relationships."

Shelby Fowler

Fempire Media

Agency owner, online advertising expert and coach.

"...the value of everything you get is at least 10x more than you pay for."

As a coach and a service provider, especially if you've created things that you've put out into the world, you want to make sure they are protected. And with Jay's help you absolutely can make sure they are protected.

Jay's client experience is amazing.

He's one of the nicest people I've ever met online.

He's so easy to work with. He's accessible. Reliable.

And the value of everything you get is at least 10x more than you pay for.

He's extraordinary.

I am no longer in fear of someone breaching a contract or that I'm not keeping my own intellectual property, information and program safe.

I could not recommend Jay or his services enough. 12 out of 10 - he is amazing.

" easy ... to understand and customize to the varying needs of my consulting invaluable asset to my business!"

Vanesssa Zamy

Founder/CEO at Your Vision's Catalyst

"I provide bespoke business strategy and consulting to microbusinesses and entrepreneurs on how to revive, grow, and scale their business without burnout, sleep deprivation, or overwhelm.

As a CEO of a growing business, ProSCALE’s legal agreements give me that peace of mind that comes with good protection.

The client agreement was so easy for me to understand and customize it to the varying needs of my consulting clients which range from online to brick and mortar businesses.

The contract reflects our professional brand, furthering our ability to secure our larger clients. As soon as we went through the process of signing an $8k - and growing - non-profit client, I knew the contract was an invaluable asset to my business."

Sruti Lam-Fletcher, ND, MD

Naturopathic Doctor

"It creates momentum."

Jay is super engaging, fun to understand, visually and audibly clear.

Lots of information and practice questions.

Wendy is a great backbone to the whole presentation.

Enjoyed following the workbook and helped amplify the information.

Well done.

Result : expanded my mindset!

Sarah Millard, MS, RD

Clinical Dietician

"I am so has given me the courage to...venture into a new role..."

"I just finished the strategic health coaching workshop and it was so inspiring and informative.

I didn’t realize there was so much information I didn’t know.

I feel like I need to completely redevelop my target audience, website, brand, and marketing to legally protect myself as a professional yet still do the ethical work I went to school for in the first place.

I am so grateful for this workshop because it finally has given me the courage to step outside the limiting box of the hospital and venture into a new role with less limitations.

The information is presented clearly and in a very relatable way."

Stacey Rucker, BPharm

Holistic Wellness Coach

"It has definitely saved me legal fees and fines."

This workshop helped me to see starting a business in a new light.

As a retail pharmacist for many years, I have viewed business in a certain way.

Jay's course was informative, fun and helped me to think outside the box.

The information was presented well and I didn't feel that it was too fast...I just wasn't ready for it to be over!

"I love using Jay’s templates because they are flexible, scalable and are designed specifically for online entrepreneurs looking for turnkey easy to implement contracts. I highly recommend working with Jay because he is very knowledgeable, patient and is really looking out for your best interest."

Bobby Chandiramani

Growth Consultant for Online Entrepreneurs

“Jay knows the medical and health coach space. … He really understands your business, he treats it like his own... he’s got my back.”

Dr. Angela Tran

Owner, MedFit Medical Weightloss

This year we are growing into multiple states and we have employees all over the country. I’ve been in a business long enough and I’m smart enough to know I need help with legal protection.

We have to identify the blind spots. So I reached out to Jay and we quickly rolled up our sleeves and tried to figure out ok we need to make sure our contracts are in place, all of the different infrastructure as far as employees and also what do we need to do to make sure that we protect from fires and protect from surprises. You know anything that arises could cost us thousands and thousands of dollars.

The reason why I chose Jay specifically is because he not only knows the medical space he also knows the health coach space. You guys know there’s so much litigation out there and I wanted to make sure I got the best of the best.

I appreciate Jay and I want you guys to choose him because he really understands your business, he treats it like his own, but the most important thing while I’m trying to figure out sales and marketing and running my team he’s got my back so I really understand anything that comes my way so that I can really address it and save a ton of money while I grow and expand my business.

Make sure you reach out to Jay because he has turned my business around and really wants to make sure that I safely grow and expand and do it in a fast way without worrying about anything that comes along my way.

Jay's caliber of expertise is outstanding and his templates offer way more protective clauses than others on the market. He brings the legal frameworks into place to give business owners maximum protection while also providing amazing relationship opportunities and value. I highly recommend Jay's templates for any business owner that wants to create a smooth relationship.

Fabiana Claure

CEO, The Musician's Profit Umbrella

Business Strategist for Musicians

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